About arts in Canberra

Canberra is home to Australia's most representative art masterpieces. The country has a short history compared to other First World countries, but in less than four centuries it has gained an impressive collection of artifacts. All of these national treasures are stored in museums, art galleries and archives, most of which are located in the capital city. Fortunately for the locals and the tourists, all these exhibitions are opened to the public. A trip to Canberra will leave you dumbfounded in the face of so many different artistic illustrations.

Large-scale monuments

Canberra is well-known for its mass display of architectural buildings. Some of these constructions are considered national masterpieces and general points of interest. The National Museum of Australia has an unusual design that amazes visitors from a great distance. Another impressive monument is the Australian War Memorial – a military museum dedicated to the armed forces of the country. The National Library located in the capital city is required by law to store at least a copy of every book that has ever been published on the continent. This aspect shows just how much Australians care about their culture and their heritage.

World-known music festivals

Canberra is home to some of the biggest music festivals on the planet. People from all over the world gather here on an annual basis to attend events like Stonefest, The National Folk Festival, and the Enlighten Festival. These celebrations have music for all tastes and preferences. Several generations of loyal fans come to party together in the capital city, creating the perfect stage for multicultural exchange. During these events, the local artists take the chance to showcase their talents in theater plays, painting exhibits, and film projections. All these artistic displays give tourists the opportunity to learn more about the Australian arts and culture.