Accessible cultural locations in Canberra

Canberra has plenty to offer to its visitors regarding cultural attractions. Most of the places that host artistic exhibits are regularly advertised by both the authorities and the tourism companies. The accessibility that the museums and art galleries have because of this marketing agency makes the Australian capital a major destination for culture buffs. If you are part of this selected group of sophisticated connoisseurs, you can take a multi-cultural trip of the city accompanied by your beautiful escorts met on Here are the main attractions of this promotional tour:

Visit the National Gallery of Australia

The first stop during your cultural trip to Canberra should be at the National Gallery of Australia. This impressive museum of remarkable proportions hosts world-class exhibitions. Some of the planet’s biggest artists have their masterpieces on display here. You and your escort have the chance to revel at numerous paintings signed by Picasso, Dali or Jackson Pollock. The location is tremendous, so you will need to buy a multi-day ticket that will allow you access to the exhibits over the period of at least three days.

Discover the local aboriginal culture

Australia became a colony of the British Empire in the 18th century. Before the colonial era, the continent was home to a different civilization - that of the aboriginals. Although their culture and lifestyle differed much from that of the Western world, they still managed to make their cultural presence known in these lands. Today, you and your escorts can admire their beautiful artifacts in the Aboriginal Dreamings Gallery of Canberra. This impressive collection has managed to store and preserve the art of the local culture for more than 30 years, and it currently boasts an impressive assortment of their artistic manifests.

Access prehistoric Australia

If the aboriginal culture does not satisfy your thirst for traveling back in time, you can try to go further than that at the National Dinosaur Museum. Canberra has a museum for any taste, and if your escort finds dinosaurs appealing, she will surely love a trip to one of the largest displays of prehistoric life in Australia. Sound advice is to visit this exhibit on a rainy Monday afternoon when the kids are in school, and the venue is not overcrowded.

Take your escorts to the library

Reading is probably not the most exciting activity you can share with a beautiful escort. Still, if you are on vacation in Canberra, you should not miss a quick stop at the National Library of Australia. Enjoy the biggest literary treasures ever written on the continent and some of the greatest masterpieces of world literature. The building also displays a bookshop, a café, and a small bistro. If studying old books is not your favorite hobby, you can still have a coffee by the lake and admire the view.

Other artistic locations in Canberra

Canberra must be the official capital of art-lovers everywhere. With numerous art galleries, museums, concert halls and unique exhibits, there is very little time for apathy to overcome you in this city. A single trip to the capital of Australia may not be enough to enjoy all the artifacts found here, so invite your escorts for a second journey on your next paid holiday.